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To Get Anxious...Edit

Is the second album by New York-based metalcore band GreenMist. The album was released March 9, 2010 on the Sumerian label. To Get Anxious... features a more "electronical-deathcore" scene on the album, consisting of ten tracks with an elapsed time of 56:52.

Track Listing:

1. "I'll See You In Heaven And Hell"- 2:48

2. "The Intentions Of Cannibalism"- 7:02

3. "Red Wolf"- 3:35

4. "In An Attempt To Do Bad Stuff!!"- 3:55

5. "Paranoia"- 14:31

6. "Lord Of The Mouth"- 5:03

7. "Dildo?"- 0:30

8. "The Creation"- 9:15

9. "I Would Lie To You If You Never Killed Satan's Daughter"- 3:59

10. "The Lost Fortress(Outro)"- 2:28

Genre: Metalcore, Deathcore, 8-Bit, NES Metal


Jake Adisson- Lead vocals.

Steven Qor- Lead guitar, programming.

Mikal Venturi- Bass guitar

Ian Kayleigh- Drums.

Jared Maitara- NES, PowerGlove, Synthesizer, Electronics, Rhythm Guitar.

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