My Human Shall Suffer is the first studio album by the Canadian Nintendocore band GreenMist. This was released April 8, 2008 on their former label, Ferret Music. At the time, GreenMist was only a four-piece group

Track Listing:Edit

1. "Lifeless Design"- 5:52

2. "Bones Smashed To The Floor"- 3:38

3. "My Face Hidden"- 4:45

4. "The Astray"- 5:03

5. "To Give In To My Revenge"- 1:27

6. "Our Flesh Pounded Into Stone"- 10:41

7. "Last Name"- 6:30

8. "War Within"- 3:04

9. "Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (cover)"-00:48

10. "Voices Inside The Head"- 4:57


Steven Qor- Lead guitar.

Ian Kayleigh- Drums.

Nicholas Kong- Lead Vocals, bass guitar.

Dan Kaat- NES, Synthesizer, Keys.

Genre: Deathcore, Nintendocore, Chiptune

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