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Current Members:Edit

Jake Adisson- Lead vocals (2009-present): b. August 4, 1986.

Steve Qor- Lead guitar, keys, programming (2007 onward): b. January 29, 1987.

Michael "Mikal" Venturi- Bass guitar (2010-present): b. April 22, 1986.

Ian Kayleigh- Drums (2007 onward): b. June 6, 1987.

Jared Maitara- NES, Synthesizer, PowerGlove, Rhythm guitar, Electronics (2010-present): c. 1986.

Former Members:Edit

Adam Crook- Bass guitar (2008-2010)

Nicholas Kong- Lead vocals (2007-2009)

Johannes Prem- Lead vocals (2009)

Daniel Kaat- Keys, NES, electronics, synthesizer (2007-2010)

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